Old GDD docs

Here are a few of my game proposal docs for some old games. I decided to dig these out after doing a few recent game pitch proposals – I was looking online for other examples, and there were very few (the Bioshock one was the best). So I thought, what the heck! Mine are pretty […]

Rich’s Software Kit List

There are hundreds of amazing packages out there, so rather than trying to list them all I have covered the packages I use regularly. As with many other indie developers, I favour lower cost/free options. The good news is that these are incredibly good packages, and in most cases better than more expensive alternatives. Tiled […]

Indie Development Toolkit

Following on from my ‘Kit List‘, here are a few other tools and resources that are a big help for promoting indie games, and assisting with the day-to-day development process: Screenshot Saturday Screenshot Saturday is a great way to get screenshots of your game out there throughout the development phase. You just tweet a screenshot […]

Top 10 Game Content Marketplaces

At Super Icon, we have always self-funded the games we develop, and as a result more often than not we have had fairly limited development budgets to work with. As such I have used ‘off-the-shelf’ art resources extensively. With a little tweaking and re-texturing here and there you can really make bought in art your own […]

What a Press Kit Needs

A Press Kit (also known as a Media Kit) contains a collection of images, videos and additional information about the game and the developers. A great tool you can use to put a Press Kit together is presskit(): “presskit() (pronounced ‘do presskit’) is the solution. Free for everyone, open and easy-to-use for both developers & […]

Developing a Unity Game

At Super Icon, our first live project using Unity was a brick-breaker called ‘Brick Break Blitz’. This was a really fun project to work on, and actually the first time I had ever really programmed (I learnt the basics of C# for the project). My coding was shaky though, so Steve was on-hand to help […]