What a Press Kit Needs

A Press Kit (also known as a Media Kit) contains a collection of images, videos and additional information about the game and the developers. A great tool you can use to put a Press Kit together is presskit():

“presskit() (pronounced ‘do presskit’) is the solution. Free for everyone, open and easy-to-use for both developers & press. Developers only have to spend an hour or so creating well-laid out press pages with everything the press needs to write to their hearts desire. Everybody wins.”

Download from http://www.dopresskit.com/

Press Kit Contents

  • Company Bio
  • Press Release
  • Fact Sheet
  • Logos
  • Banner Art
  • Screenshots
  • Videos

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

Company Bio

This should contain more information about your company and list the principals/founders of the studio, along with a concise background on each person.

Press Release

Include your launch press release, with a full description of the game.

Fact Sheet

 Facts about your game, including:

  • Game description
  • Key features/USPs in bullet point form
  • Game genre
  • Release date
  • Price point in USD and EUR
  • Available platforms
  • Direct download link on iTunes/Steam
  • Developer name and link


Company and game logos in various different sizes. Try to make two versions in both 72dpi (for computer screen) and 300dpi (for print) resolutions. Include the App icon and game logo with alpha channels.

Banner Art

This is optional but it does make it much easier for journalists to integrate your art if you use the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) display standards.

Screen Shots

A selection of your best screen shots, with human-readable filenames, and all viewable online. Include a link to a zip archive of all images. People often look at images before they read the text, so make sure your screen shots show that the game looks fun. Try and get plenty of action shots, rather than the hero sitting there going nothing.

You can also add text within each screen shot, which can be a good way to get key features across to the viewer. You see this sort of approach a lot on the various mobile app stores.

Aim for 10-15 good solid shots of your game, you can also create exclusive shots for your preferred journalists.


Often screenshots and descriptions just aren’t enough to get the press interest in your game, especially within the overcrowded mobile market. A good quality video can be the most important thing you can use to sell your game to the press – who may well decide if they are interested or not based on the promo video.

Your video should show what the game is all about, highlighting fun looking gameplay segments. It should clearly show your USPs, what your game offers that others don’t.