Top 10 Game Content Marketplaces

At Super Icon, we have always self-funded the games we develop, and as a result more often than not we have had fairly limited development budgets to work with.

As such I have used ‘off-the-shelf’ art resources extensively. With a little tweaking and re-texturing here and there you can really make bought in art your own and tailor it to your game.

So here are my Top 10 favourite places to go for game development content…

Unity Asset Store

The best asset resource out there for Unity users, and there are a LOT of those! Art, audio, code, game projects, and more.

Game Dev Market

A nice selection of 2D and 3D art resources, and some high quality audio files. Some really good stuff starting to appear on here.

3D Ocean

Part of the envato market, 3D Ocean includes a large selection of good 3D models and textures – many of which are low enough poly to use in games.


There is an absolute ton of stuff on here. It has a very good navigation interface and, bar a few hiccups, I have found the quality to be pretty good.

Game Textures

In my opinion this is the best texture site of all – AAA quality all the way, and the subscription options offer pretty good value for money too.

CG Textures

An awesome texture resource – a ton of seamlessly tiled textures and photo reference.

Graphic River

Another member of the envato market, Graphic River offers a brilliant selection of 2D artwork, GUI graphics, icons, Photoshop actions and lots more.


Similar to Turbosquid – a large range of 3D models to buy, many of which are low poly/game ready. One of the newer asset sites.

3D Total

A mixed bag of textures, but good value for money and definitely worth owning. Also offers a good range of training books and tutorials.

Open Game Art

All of the art on Open Game Art is free to use, with a good selection available on public domain or attribution licenses, which allow commercial use. Some great pixel art to be found here.