I am a game development entrepreneur, passionate about video games past and present, new business models and digital distribution. I have extensive experience of developing and funding concurrent projects under strict deadlines.


Business development, studio management, game production, contract negotiation, self-publishing, game design, art direction, pixelart, 3D modelling & texturing.

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I started out developing video games in 1995, at a company called Silltunna Software. My first game was called XTreme Racing for the Commodore Amiga, and my primary role was artist and track designer. I also dipped my toe in the water in other areas, such as PR, business development and marketing. I knew from that point on that this was what I wanted to do more than anything else in the world.

Since I was about 10 years old, video games have been my passion. I would spend hours playing games on my first computer, a ZX Spectrum, dreaming about one day creating my own games. Here I am, nearly 30 years later, doing just that – and I have been for the last 18-ish years.

During that time I have managed the development of, and released, 33 games over 44 different SKUs. In addition to running the development of those games, I was also the lead artist, game designer and sound designer. It has been an incredible, wonderful and terrifying experience, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do for a job.


In March 2015, Focal Press released my first book, The Indie Game Developer Handbook; an indie game developer’s complete resource to understand everything from funding and development through QA, publishing, marketing, and more. The handbook includes:

  • Accessible and complete guide to many aspects of running a game development studio.
  • Provides a useful knowledge base and help to support the learning process of running an indie development studio in an honest, approachable and easy to understand way.
  • Case studies, interviews from other studios and industry professionals grant an first-hand look into the world of indie game development

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I founded Super Icon Ltd, an independent multi-platform game development & digital publishing studio in 2012. My role at Super Icon is to oversee the development of each game – which includes the design & concept of each game, art design & production, creating the game levels, audio design, and game testing & balancing.

We are a small, very resourceful team.

I have spent many years creating 3D artwork, textures, pixelart & level designs, and have worked with several different approaches to development – from overseeing the  development of Super Icon’s own cross-platform engine through to using third party tools and technology such as Unity.



Having fun with my three children, writing, fitness, tennis, watching movies, writing music, everything retro (games, movies, design), pixelart, design, and (of course…) playing video games.